Monday, November 13, 2017

How to earn money from Google Adsense ? - A Complete Guide

Google Adsense is one of the monetizing program for websites.It is one of the best cpc advertising program. The publishers get maximum revenue daily as it offers highest CTR. Adsence has strict policy.So it is very hard to get approval.

Adsense will get approved if our website/blog met up with certain condition.In the country like China and India the website/blog should be 6 months old.But actually there is no need for uch period.There are many bloggers who got approval with 1 month old domains.If you have a good content you will get approved very fastly.Content is the king.You must be atleast 18 years for applying Adsense programme.

Guidelines for Adsense Programe

1) Write quality content

As it said earlier,content is king.Your article must be a quality one.It means decorated,stated and clear concreted conent.The blog or Webite content shoul be in supported language.If you notice adsense ad in a website that contain unsupported language,Adsense is not find the violation,if they find,the account will got disapproved.The blog content shoud be atleast 100-200 words.Google Adsense dosen`t allow copyrighted content on your website.if you have copyrighted content on your website,your application will get rejected.Write a blog which contain 500-600 words for fast approval.There is no minimum post on website for submitting Adsense application.I will recommend you to publish 50 well written posts before you apply for google Adsense programme.

Why Google Adsense is Best ?

2) Search engine friendly

Make sure that your website is search engine friendly.Use meta title and description tags for better search preference.It is not possible to check all the adsense application,so they will use crawler for checking your website.So it is better to specify the tags with appropriate information.Make sure that title shold be between 69 characters and description tag should be 156 characters.

3) Content images

Google dosent approve the website that contain copyrighted materials.What about images ? We donot mind whether they are copyrighted or not.So remove all the copyrighted images from your website.Use sites like Flicker to find free images.It is a very serious matter as some got rejected by these issues.

4) Website design

Your website should have a attractive design.The structure should be simple.There should be a clear navigation system.Attract your visitors with high quality design.Use templates for attractive designs.

5) Prohibited content

Adsense is not available for those website which dealing with adult contents,hacking content,violated content,copyrighted contents,drug related contents..etc.

6) Traffic

Traffic is not a factor for Adsense approval.They check only the quality of your website. Adsense approval moderators will not check visitors count.But for generating revenue you should have enough visitors.

If you follow these guidelines,your chance for getting Adsense approval is very high.If you have any queries regarding this content,I am very happy to help you.Comment your questions,I will answer it as soon as possible.

7) Important pages

Don`t forgot to make privacy policy,about,contact pages before applying to Adsense.

If you are eligible you can apply Adsense program from here click here

Adsense policy - A beginner guide

If your Adsense get rejecting again and again.Switch to Adsense alternatives.


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